Lord Jones & Tony Bird discuss Shakespeare and business

Tony Bird, who made this year's Shakespeare Luncheon possible, and Lord Digby Jones discuss with Suzanne Virdee the importance of the relationship between business and Shakespeare and how they have to work hand in hand.  Watch video >>

Hilary Mantel inspired and elated by Shakespeare

Hilary Mantel, the double Booker Prize winning author of Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, spoke at the Shakespeare 450th Birthday Luncheon. Before her speech she spoke to Suzanne Virdee for Stratford TV about the inspiration she gets from Shakespeare.  Watch video >>

Irish Ambassador on Shakespeare's 450th

After his speech at the Shakespeare 450th Birthday Luncheon, Irish Ambassador, Daniel Mulhall, spoke to Suzanne Virdee for Stratford TV, about the Bard's wisdom, insight and language and issued a warning to anyone speaking in public not to be "full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing".  Watch video >>

Who wrote Shakespeare's plays?

There's always been a lot of rumours and stories about the authorship of Shakespeare's plays. In her speech to the Shakespeare 450th Birthday Luncheon Helen Hogg of Stratford Town Walk delivered her own theory about how they came to be (or not to be)!  Watch video >>

The Shakespeare Anthem

Shakespeare Sunday, 27th April, saw a specially composed anthem performed at Holy Trinity Church as part of the Civic Service. With words by the Bard himself, taken from Henry VIII and music by Toby Young, the work premiered today, sung by the Holy Trinity Choir led by the Director of Music, Benedict Wilson.  Watch video >>

The Shakespeare Sermon

Shakespeare Sunday's Civic Service at Holy Trinity (27th April) featured this special themed sermon delivered by Carol Rutter, Professor of English at Warwick University, who examined Shakespeare's attitude to prayer and religion.  Watch video >>

RSC Shakespeare's Fireworks

If you missed the fireworks at the RSC last night (April 23rd), then here are some highlights of the fantastic display, produced to mark Shakespeare's 450th birthday.  Watch video >>

Shakespeare Birthday Sonnet

A new Sonnet in honour of Shakespeare's 450th birthday was performed for Stratford TV, in the Birthplace gardens on his Birthday (April 23rd). Written by visitors Ruth, Kate (10) and Miri (8) from Nottingham and read by Richard of the Shakespeare Aloud team, who perform everyday in the Birthplace Garden.  Watch video >>