Ron Ball, Warwickshire Police & Crime Comm

Ron Ball, Warwickshire's Police and Crime Commissioner talks to Stratford TV about his priorities and plans, and how he should be judged during his term. To contact the P&CC; email,  Watch video >>

Police reaction to role of Crime Commissioner

During last Friday's vote count for the Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner, the Chief Constable Andy Parker and the Chairman of the Warwickshire Police Federation Simon Payne both spoke to StratfordTV about the new role and the challenges that the new Commissioner will face, a role won by the Independent candidate, Ron Ball who takes up his post on November 26th 2012.  Watch video >>

Stratford MP calls for people to engage with vote

Stratford MP, Nadhim Zahawi calls for people to engage with the Police & Crime Commissioner Elections and turn out and vote on November 15th to elect someone to set the priorities for policing across Warwickshire. This interview was recorded on November 2nd, 2012  Watch video >>

Opening Statements PCC Debate

The following videos are all from our debate with Warwickshire's Police & Crime Commissioner candidates, broadcast on 6th November, 2012, live from the studio at Stratford upon Avon College with questions from an audience in the studio and via social media. We've broken the debate up into its questions for ease of viewing. The programme started with each candidate having up to 2 minutes to set out their case and here are those statements.  Watch video >>

Q1 Why do we need a PCC

Our first question from the audience was from Chris Millsom and was, Why do we need a Police Commissioner at all?  Watch video >>

Q2 Detection Rates

Question Two was via Twitter from Dan Essex: Warks Police had a detection rate of 18% in 2011/12 - worst in the country. Is this acceptable & if not, what would you do about it?  Watch video >>

Q3 Cuts and Police Numbers

Question 3, again from the audience, from Vera Millson concerned reports that Warwickshire could get another 100 officers - she wanted to know where they were going to be coming from.  Watch video >>

Q4 Police Redundancies

The next question was from Simon Payne, Chair of Warwickshire's Police Federation and a serving police officer. His question was directly about a proposed change in the law that would make it possible to sack police officers.  Watch video >>

Q5 Politics and Policing

We went back to social media and our online audience for the next question from @legalbusiness - "How are you going to keep politics out of policing, when most of you are overtly political"  Watch video >>

Q6 Politics and Policing 2

David Jutton in the audience picked up on the theme of politics and asked if the party candidates had to refer their plans back to their political parties for ratification or approval.  Watch video >>

Q7 Three things to be assessed on from MP

We had a tweet from Stratford upon Avon's MP Nadhim Zahawi to ask: What are the 3 things that the candidates will deliver and want to be measured by, if elected?  Watch video >>

Q8 Who would PCC confer with

From the audience, Elizabeth Dixon, herself a former police officer, asked who the candidates if they were the Police and Crime Commissioner would confer with about their role.  Watch video >>

Q9 West Mercia alliance

Thomas Thoroughgood asked about the alliance between the Warwickshire and West Mercia police forces and whether there could be a conflict if the two PCCs didn't agree.  Watch video >>

Q10 Cost of PCC from SBF

And finally, a tweet from Stratford Business Forum asking, 'What does this #pcc role add to the cost of local policing' #stratfordtvlive ?  Watch video >>

PCC Closing Statements

We gave each candidate a minute to put forward any closing arguments or points. Do let us know what you think of this debate via Twitter to @yourstratfordtv or on FB/StratforduponAvonTV - and we hope to produce another live programme in the near future.  Watch video >>

Stratford's MP on the Police & Crime Commissioner

Stratford's MP Nadhim Zahawi talks about why the Police and Crime Commissioner Election is so important and why he supports Stratford TV's debate with the candidates  Watch video >>