Stratford MP on Syrian crisis

Nadhim Zahawi, Stratford upon Avon's MP, recently visited a refugee camp on the Kurdish border with Syria and spoke in last weeks House of Commons debate about the crisis. He spoke to StratfordTV (6/9/13) about the developing situation, the G20 summit, the need for action against chemical weapon attacks as a deterrent and he calls for a political settlement by the people of Syria, but says we cannot look the other way.  Watch video >>

Nadhim Zahawi on planning, congestion and housing

Stratford upon Avon's MP Nadhim Zahawi talked to Stratford TV on February 15th about Shottery, Planning, Congestion and Housing. If you've got any questions for our MP get in touch for our next regular interview.  Watch video >>

Save Shottery campaign state their case

On February 1st, some of the opponents of the Shottery development proposals met with Stratford's MP Nadhim Zahawi, and the planning appeal is now due to be heard in April or May in the High Court. In this video the Save Shottery campaigners state their case against the development, and explain its impact to the area. Some months ago in an interview with Stratford TV still online on the Channel, Nadhim Zahawi too spoke out against the proposals. We'll be covering the story more, as it develops.  Watch video >>

MP speaks out on Shottery Planning Decision

Stratford upon Avon's MP Nadhim Zahawi has won a debate in Parliament on 7th November to raise the Shottery planning decision with the Minister responsible. In this interview recorded on Friday November 2nd, he talks about the tragic consequences arising from the Shottery planning decision, which if not overturned could result in a "permanent scar on the landscape of Stratford upon Avon".  Watch video >>

Stratford MP calls for people to engage with vote

Stratford MP, Nadhim Zahawi calls for people to engage with the Police & Crime Commissioner Elections and turn out and vote on November 15th to elect someone to set the priorities for policing across Warwickshire. This interview was recorded on November 2nd, 2012  Watch video >>

Nadhim Zahawi, MP supports Stratford TV

Local Stratford upon MP Nadhim Zahawi talks about his support for Stratford TV and how he hopes it will help him interact with his constituents.  Watch video >>

Nadhim Zahawi, MP on the Olympic Legacy

In one of his regular interviews for Stratford TV, Stratford's MP Nadhim Zahawi, talks about how the Olympics have changed the nation, how the Olympic Legacy is supporting British business and his recent visit to Alcester Academy, where the Olympics have inspired them to take part in minority sports and look forward to the Rio games.  Watch video >>

Nadim Zahawi, MP pays tribute to John Maples

Local Stratford upon Avon MP Nadim Zahawi, pays tribute to former Stratford MP, Lord Maples of Stratford who died last month.  Watch video >>

Nadhim Zahawi, MP's July 2012 interview

In his first interview with Stratford TV, local MP Nadhim Zahawi discusses his postbag and the forthcoming Olympics and Paralympics  Watch video >>